Hawaii Wedding Story 

1535 pensacola st. unit C5. Honolulu HI 96822


tel. +1-808-436-5264


Hawaii Wedding Schedule

​1. Pre-metting with Hawaii Wedding Story

  • Once you get to Hawaii, there will be a pre-meeting with us before your wedding.

        (Please contact us when you arrive in Hawaii)

  • The meeting will be at the Hawaii Wedding Story office or your hotel.

  • We finalize the lists that we have discussed, provide your wedding day schedule and get final payment in the meeting.

  • If your package includes our attire, there will be a fitting session during our meeting.

  • The pre-meeting takes about one to one and a half hours.

2. Wedding Day

  • Hair&Make up will be at your hotel room.

       (If you add your family or guest for hair&make up, they need         to come to your room.)

  • Leaving the hotel - Limousine (we offer a limo for the bride & groom with both small and luxury packages.)

  • If you select a location photo session, we visit various spots for photos.

  • Little touch-up and rehearsal at the ceremony location.     (30 mins. prior to the wedding ceremony)

  • Wedding ceremony and group shot - Takes about 40 to 50 mins.

  • Cake cutting and champagne toast. (Only with the luxury package or added as an option with your package.)

For our luxury package, the schedule is usually from 10 am to 5:30 pm (excluding the reception). All schedules can be adjusted with your packages and options.

Order of Wedding Ceremony Sevice

  • Music starts (for groom/Bride/recessional)

  • Processional

 (Hawaiian wedding song or Traditional Processional song)

  • Exchange of Vows

  • Ring Exchange

  • Nuptial songs or performances by your guest (if you have.)

  • Bow to the parents

  • Declare the couple Husband and Wife

  • First Kiss

  • Recessional - flower shower (We’ll inform your guests how to throw the rose petals during your recessional.)

  • Signing : Wedding certificate (Decorative certification)

  • Group Picture taking

  • Bouquet throwing

  •  Reception Begins:

    Introduce Family Members-Champagne toast-cake cutting-

    Thank You speech  from the couple