Hawaii Wedding Story 

1535 pensacola st. unit C5. Honolulu HI 96822


tel. +1-808-436-5264


Halekulani Hotel Wedding

Beauty, serenity and understated elegance make Halekulani the ideal location for your special day and for a life long memory. Imagine a tropical wedding, with Diamond Head as the backdrop.

 For generations, Halekulani has been the premier destination for brides seeking a dream wedding in Hawaii. Located right on the beach, with venues that seem specially crafted for Hawaii weddings, Halekulani provides a full range of options.

Small Package

*Wedding Venue Rental Fee - 4hrs.

*Luxury Gazebo & Romantic Virgin Road 

*Bride&Groom Hair&Make up

*Photo - Wedding Ceremony + Group Shot

  Original file 200++/40 retouched images

  via email 

*Fresh Bouquet & Boutonniere

*Non Denominational Local Officient

*Music - Outrigger’s High Quailty Sound System

*Accessory - Tiara,Earrings,Veil,Necklace etc..

*Limousine -  Hotel <-> Wedding Venue

      (outside of waikiki hotel - additional fee apply)

*Flower Shower - Seasonal Rose Petals

*Korean/English Speaker Coordinator / all day

*Decorative Wedding Certificate

Luxury Package

* Wedding Snap or Reception Photo 

 -Wedding Snap- 3 Locations include wardrobes

                         for photo sessions.

(Romantic Beach, Waikiki or Hotel Lobby etc.

It depends on the weather and availability.)


-Reception Photo - Wedding Reception Photo

                        with Family&Guests

                        (Waikiki Location Only)

*Transportation for the guests

  - 1 Small Van (14 people max.)

* Wedding Album - 40 pages

                           (40 retouched images)

*Wedding Music - Harp or Ukulele&Hula Dancer

                         (Only for Wedding Ceremony)

* Wedding Cake & Champagne - 1tier & 1bottle